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The Staffordshire Victim Gateway & Restorative Justice service have a small but growing team. We are all committed and passionate in fighting for the rights of victims, whilst raising awareness on the opportunities and support available in order to regain control after a crime has been committed, including the ability to access Restorative Justice.

We have a  qualified and experienced management and staffing structure that provides us with the resources required to deliver a high quality service. 

Jo Moss
Jo Moss, Service Manager

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Annalise Hill, Volunteer & RJ Service Coordinator

Annalise is the Restorative Justice Service Coordinator. Annalise oversees the work of the Restorative Justice Facilitators and Volunteers, whilst managing the social media and promotion team.

Annalise has over 18 years’ experience of working with individuals who have either been victims of crime or who have perpetrated it. Her career started in the youth offending team supporting young people who were at risk of offending that lead her onto managing a service working with adult offenders who were serving short term prison sentences. This was a county wide project using volunteers to mentor offenders. Her passion for wanting to help offenders to turn their lives around led her to managing several Probation projects working with offenders on community orders including the management of a Women’s Centre. Her passion for supporting offenders comes from a desire for there to be less victims as a consequence of others behaviour, that lead to an interest in Restorative Justice. Annalise became interested in Restorative Justice in 2010 where the use of this intervention became more widely used. She has been practicing  Restorative Justice since 2012 and has gained a wide experience of facilitating and preparing both victims and offenders of all types of crimes including the most serious through the process  and she is passionate about the opportunities and benefits restorative justice can bring to both the person harmed by crime, and the person responsible for the harm

Ranjana Cartwright, Support & Intervention Service Coordinator

Ranjana is our Support & Intervention Service Coordinator. Ranjana’s role within SVGRJ is to manage the face to face Victim Care Coordinator team across the County. Ranjana is a strong advocate for Criminal Justice Services (CJS) and fully supports the role of a victim should be at the center of this process. This passion is mirrored by the dedicated Victim Care Coordinators that work as part of Ranjana’s Team. Ranjana and the team work in strong partnership with local police neighborhood teams, other commissioned services, local statutory and non-statutory partners across the county to ensure that support is seamlessly coordinated for victims of crime. The team work to reduce the risk to vulnerable victims and ensure they are receiving the right support from services across the County. Ranjana’s background lays within CJS including SVGRJ, the police and third sector support services. Ranjana has qualifications in Social Work, Law, Management and Leadership ranging up to post graduate qualification. Ranjana has worked in CJS for the past five years and is trained in various areas including RJ.

“I feel really passionate about support for victims of crime no matter what point of their journey they are on. I endeavor that my team will keep delivering face to face support to any victim of crime in Staffordshire coordinating key support seamlessly regardless of whether they have reported the incident. Victims have a voice we will always empower them to use this in the criminal justice system with the dedicated support of our CJS partners.”

Roger Craig, Contact and Assessment Team


Roger is the Staffordshire Victim Gateway Service Contact and Assessment Team Coordinator. Roger oversees the work of the telephone team, who are a victims first point of contact.

I have over 30 years experience of working in criminal justice, statutory partnership and the third sector; which recently, delivered an NHS commissioned project supporting vulnerable older people in the community.

I am an experienced leader, qualified through the Chartered Management Institute and Staffordshire University; and a professional trainer, coach, and mentor in the business and statutory sectors with a passion for improving workplace performance that supports people to achieve their goals through personal and professional development.
“My motivation is to support victims so they can access and navigate the criminal justice system. I want them to have a voice, and not to be forgotten, because it can become so overwhelming”.

The Contact and Assessment team is the first point of contact for victims in Staffordshire. The team will listen to victims and ensure that they know about their rights under ‘The Victim’s Code’. Depending on the circumstances, the team can offer information, signposting or referral directly to specialist services or one to one support.

Our Contact and Assessment team act as the initial triage into the service, and will establish your preferred method of contact whether it be by phone, text or email. Regardless of which, we will listen and talk to you about your experience; how it has affected you and what help you may need to recover.

They will also assess your support needs and provide you with advice or information to answer any immediate questions you may have. We can allocate you with your own Victim Care Coordinator if needed, who will provide you with both face to face practical and emotional support through this difficult time, including attending court with you,

Our Project and Office administrator support both management and the wider team, ensuring monitoring and performance data is kept up to date.

Our Restorative Justice team comprise of both Lead Coordinator and Facilitator, who oversee the Restorative Justice process, their role involves liaising with the victim, offender and other agencies that may be involved, whilst ensuring compliance with Restorative Justice Quality Standards is maintained.

Promotion of the service is managed by both our Restorative Justice Lead and a Promotion Officer, who ensure awareness of the service is raised both on our social media platforms and throughout the community. 





She made me feel that I did matter – and she helped me tremendously, as I had been left feeling worthless

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