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Case Studies

We are working hard to upload case studies around victims experiences; keep an eye on this page for further updates. 

The Feedback below has been given in response to support received from our Victim Care Coordinators (VCC) and Telephone Triage Team. 


A* was very good and kept on top of things.  She did a good job the whole way through even when I didn’t ring her, she would always keep in touch to check how things were.

She was one of the people who helped around my confused state and how massively difficult I found the lack of communication from the Police – particularly the fact that I did not even know I was expected in Court until the day I rang myself to check.

V* was really kind – we found her to be absolutely exemplary in everything she did for us.

She did everything possible to keep in touch and keep us informed at every stage of the journey.  She was a tremendous help at Court.

We found it so important to be kept advised of what was happening, when it was happening, the outcomes and – basically – how long our situation was going to last. She met our needs here at every stage of the process.

I would like to thank you at SVG for your service

I would just like to say to J* ‘thank you’ more than anything.

She did her absolute best for me and was always there. 

Even though I worked nights, she always rung me and left a message just to show her support.  It was all so very much appreciated

L* was amazing, from the time she came to the door.  She was ALWAYS at the end of the phone for us and gave us confidence as she had a nice, understanding voice.  She most definitely went above and beyond the call of duty in her support to us



A* was absolutely brilliant – she helped put me at ease – and was very thoughtful.

Such situations are so unfamiliar – for example preparing my VPS I know I would never have got through it without her.

At one point I lost my nerve and confidence and thought I definitely cannot do this but she got me through – THANK YOU SO MUCH.

She explained about CICA which was something I knew nothing about nor did my lady at Staff. Women’s Aid who has been supporting me throughout this time.  We are now looking into this thanks to A*.

L* was just absolutely marvellous  –  she quite literally went above and beyond.

She showed genuine concern – she literally remembers everything, is very thoughtful, very caring and gets very involved.

She definitely does not ‘read from a script’ or just give things ‘lip service’.

I know that you cannot wave a magic wand but everything she could do, she did.

Her knowledge of everything also goes above and beyond anything you would expect.

I was also very, very appreciative of just having someone I could talk to

I absolutely cannot fault A* – she was spot on and is absolutely outstanding.

I have never experienced anything like this and have found things really daunting – you sometimes feel people are just “fobbing you off” – but never with A*.

I believe very strongly that with her help and input things progressed quicker and questions were answered – which would never been answered to me.

Thank you most sincerely

“H* was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING  (what else could you say about her) – she would do absolutely whatever was necessary to provide support that was out of this world.  She took my feelings into account at every step of the way and was patient and understanding when I cried, yelled and had a hissy-fit.

She would let me settle and would ALWAYS ring me a couple of days later to check how I was.

She was always there for me and was TOTALLY MY ROCK – which was a major help when attending Court and having to deal with all of the ‘blank’ faces.

Thank you so much for everything you have done”.

Very, very pleased. We felt the service we received was over and above our expectation. Lynn is excellent – she provided much needed emotional support and was very friendly and very caring. She worked around our needs which we very much appreciated and, again, totally unexpected. She has a very big heart. Sometimes you can under-estimate particular services but your service was very, very good.

‘I want you to write in your notes that I highly appreciate your call. This is the first time I have been offered some significant/tangible help. I actually feel like I have some hope now, so thank you.’


‘Thank you for that. You have put it all in perspective for me and the process is clear in my head now.

It was as consequence and helpfulness from your email and phone call that has helped me get help, if you hadn’t have rang I don’t know when I would have heard from them, so thank you for that”. You were very efficient and helpful

I am really impressed with the level of support she has received from the police, forensics and now us and passes her thanks on’

Jane was really helpful. She was very patient and really kind She showed just the right amount of support without being over-bearing. Could not praise her enough


Thanks so much for your phone call, I have felt so alone with this, like it wasn’t important and I didn’t matter.

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