Crime Types – Burglary and Theft


Burglary and theft are crimes where possessions or money are stolen from you. Even when the value of the goods or money is not big, this can still be disruptive and distressing.

Some of the most common are domestic burglary, distraction burglary, theft of purses/wallets and mobile phones.

Staffordshire Police provide crime prevention information that can help to keep you, your home and your possessions safe.


Stolen / Lost Mobile Phone

Tell your network provider straight away if your phone is lost or stolen, so they can block it and stop anyone else using it. If you don’t tell them straight away you might have to pay for unauthorised calls. If your phone is stolen, ask your network provider for the phone’s identification number (IMEI) – you’ll need to give this to the police.

If your phone is stolen report it to your local police station by calling 101 or going in person. Your network provider will give you your phone’s identification number (IMEI), which you should pass on to the police. make a note of the crime reference number – you’ll need it to claim on insurance.

If your phone is insured or covered by your home insurance policy you will usually be able to claim for a new one.

You can register your mobile phone on Immobilise if your phone is lost or stolen but then gets found, police can use Immobilise to return it to you (Immobilise is the world’s largest FREE register of possession ownership details)

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Purse / Wallet theft

  • Call your bank and credit card firms immediately so they can put a stop on cards.
  • If your mobile was stolen too – get it blocked as soon as possible.
  • When you contact the police, take note of your crime reference number. You will need this for insurance purposes and your bank will ask for it.
  • Make sure that your home insurance policy has the cover you need – especially personal possessions outside the home.
  • Check your credit file and sign up to get regular updates from a firm such as Equifax or Experian – this will alert you to any fraudulent activity.
  • Try not to carry around documents that have your name and address or other personal details.

You can find more information on crime prevention here:

Crime Prevention Information

It may be useful to you to have some advice on crime prevention to see what you can do to protect yourself in the future. You can find lots of useful information on local crime prevention by clicking here:

For more help and support on any of the above, please contact Staffordshire Victim Gateway.


Crime Prevention

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