Crime Types 


What is Domestic & Distraction Burglary?


A burglary occurs when a person enters or remains unlawfully in a home/building with the intent to commit a crime.

Distraction Burglary:

Distraction burglary is any crime where a lie, trick or distraction is used on an occupant to gain or try to gain access to burgle their home.

Operation Impact

Operation Impact is Staffordshire Police’s on-going initiative to tackle burglary, theft and robbery. This includes theft from your home, garage or shed, theft of your car, and theft from your car, as well as theft of property such as your bike, or your purse or wallet while you are out and about.

This takes you to the crime prevention website. (Click on the burglary section for information and advice.)

Contact the police

If your safety is at risk call 999.


Age UK

Can offer help and advice for anyone over the age of 50

North Staffs Tel: 01782 286209

South Staffs Tel: 01785 607060

National Helpline: 0800 169 2081



Crimestoppers is an independent charity that allows people to report crimes anonymously and help to reduce crimes within our community.

Tel: 0800 555 111



Revival help vulnerable people maintain their health and independence and be warm, safe and supported in their homes. Revival’s services include:

  • Low cost handyman
  • Home from hospital
  • Decorating and gardening
  • Adaptions
  • Repairs Management
  • Fall prevention checks
  • Befriending Service

Helpline: 0333 014 3389


Staffordshire Cares

Offer help and support on how to keep safe and secure.

Staffordshire Tel: 0300 111 8010

Stoke-on-Trent Tel: 0800 561 0015


Staffordshire Victims Gateway

For further advice and support call us on:

0330 0881 339

Crime Prevention Information

It may be useful to you to have some advice on crime prevention to see what you can do to protect yourself in the future. You can find lots of useful information on local crime prevention by clicking here:

For more help and support on any of the above, please contact Staffordshire Victim Gateway.


Crime Prevention

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