Victims Rights: Witness Support

Support for witnesses in Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent is delivered by Citizen Advice, namely Citizen Advice Witness Service. Click here  for more information 

The Witness Service provide practical help, emotional support and information to witnesses so that they can feel valued, respected and informed, and able to give their best evidence in court. This can take place either in the court setting or outreach based, where witnesses are either supported in their home or an agreed safe place. The service supports both prosecution and defense witnesses. The service is run by a team of trained  volunteers, helping witnesses deal with the impact of crime. The service operates in every Crown and Magistrate Court across England and Wales. 


The Staffordshire Victim Gateway and Restorative Justice service can help to introduce and support you, should you decide to apply for support from the Witness Support service. 

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