Victim Personal Statement

A Victim Personal Statement (VPS) is different from a witness statement which mainly focuses on the crime against you such as what was said or what you heard in the incident, rather than the impact of the crime on you. If a suspect is arrested, tried in court and found guilty, the court will take into account the impact of the offence on you as set out in your VPS, as far as it considers appropriate, when deciding the appropriate sentence for the offender. Under the Victims’ Code, you are entitled to make a VPS at the same time as you make a witness statement to explain what happened when the crime took place. So a police officer who is investigating the crime you were a victim of may ask you to complete one of these. Your VPS will help the criminal justice system (whether it is the police, the prosecutor or the court), to make a decision on the support and services that you or your family may need.

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