Your Key Rights as a Victim

Victim Contact Scheme

If you are the victim of a violent or sexual crime, and the offender in your case was sentenced to 12 months or more in prison, then you will be invited by the National Probation Service to join the Victim Contact Scheme. If you join, you will be kept up to date with what is happening with the offender. That could include:

  • important changes in their sentence, such as, if they’re moved to an open prison
  • how and when they’ll be released

You won’t be told where the offender is being held. The Staffordshire Victim Gateway can support you through this process, with information, advice and practical and emotional support.

The Victim Contact Scheme can also represent you at the offender’s Parole Board hearing. They can put forward your views about the rules that the offender must follow, like not contacting you and your family. These rules are called ‘licence conditions’.

7 in 10 people who use our Victim Gateway service are happy with the outcome.

7 in 10
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