Your Key Rights as a Victim

Special Measures

Vulnerable or intimidated victims and witnesses can ask for Special Measures to be used during the trial to help them give their best evidence in court. These measures include:

• Having screens around the witness box or giving evidence by live video-link so you do not have to face the suspect or their family;
• Having the court case held in private – with no press or public allowed;
• Having someone (an intermediary) to help you to understand questions when being interviewed.
You can ask your Witness Care Officer or other point of contact for more information. The court will make the final decision on whether you can use
Special Measures during the trial, but will take your views into account.


Special measures are available to support young victims and witnesses to give their best evidence and help reduce some of the anxiety of attending court. 

Child witnesses under the age of 18 are automatically eligible to apply for special measures by virtue of section 16 of the YJCEA 1999; the court has to satisfy itself that the special measure is likely to maximise the quality of the witness’s evidence before granting an application. For further information, click on the link.

Special Measures in the Criminal Court Factsheet


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