Unhealthy Relationships

Being in a new relationship can make you feel excited, grown up, happy and in control. It’s normal to enjoy getting compliments, feeling special, safe and feel like you’ve got more confidence. Burelationships can sometimes change and it can be hard to know when things are starting to go wrong.

When you’re in a healthy relationship, the other person shouldn’t try to control you. If they  are using threatening behaviour, such as harming you physically, sexually, emotionally, financially or psychologically, this is what a controlling behaviour is, so if your relationship doesn’t feel right, it may be time to end it



Ending a relationship can be really difficult, and there are some things that could put extra pressure on you. These could include things like grooming, blackmail or emotional pressure. If your boyfriend or girlfriend makes you feel scared in your relationship, it’s important to get support. Try talking to an adult you trust, if but there is no one in your life you can talk to, you can call us on 0330 0881 339

You may be worried about someone else’s relationship?

You might be worried about a friend, relative or someone else. If you think they’re in an unhealthy relationship, it can be difficult to know  what to do, or how to help them.

If someone is in an abusive relationship or being groomed, they may not know this is wrong. Leaving may not seem like an option, and you might be unsure about how to help them.

If you’re supporting a friend or family member in a difficult or dangerous situation, it’s important to remember to take care of yourself too. Although you might want to help them, you’re not responsible for them and the situation may be out of your control. 

Asking  for help and encouraging them to get support will help you both to stay safe.


 If you’re feeling unsafe at home:

A safety plan can help you know what to do if you feel unsafe at home. It can help to make one if you’re worried about being hurt or if you think something might go wrong. A safety plan includes all of the information you’ll need in an emergency.

Your plan could include:

  • who to call – this could be an adult you trust or if you need to gain support from a trusted service, we can support you to access the right service for you.
  • safe places you can stay if you have to leave home, and a plan of how to get there if you need to travel
  • things you’ll need in an emergency, like medication, your phone and a phone charger

 If you’re concerned and need support or advice, you can contact us on 0330 0881 339. This number will take you through to our Telephone triage team, where we will listen and talk you through what support  is available to you.  Alternatively, you can contact us via email on help@staffsvictimgateway.org.uk, or click on the Contact Victim Gateway Link.